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Dr. Edward Chan has been an American Board Certified Ophthalmologist since 1988. He received his MD degree with honors at the Baylor College of Medicine and graduated from the well known eye residency program at the same medical school. Dr. Edward Chan was a staff and surgical consultant at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Houston for many years.

Dr Edward Chan performs surgery in a painless, comfortable outpatient setting. To remove cataracts, an advanced ultrasound technique and foldable lens implant are used to restore vision.

For diabetic patients who have severe retinopathy or glaucoma patients who have uncontrollable eye pressure, laser treatments can be performed and accomplished in minutes in our office.

Dr. Edward Chan has also performed many oculoplastic procedures including blepharoplasty (removing excessive eyelid skin and fat) or excision of growth around the eyes under local anesthesia in our office.

20/20 Eye Clinic provides services such as glasses prescription, contact lens fitting, and treatment of all eye diseases and injuries. 20/20 Eye Clinic is here to serve all of your eye care needs.

Childhood problems such as crossed eye, lazy eye, and tearing require careful evaluation. In addition to appropriate medical treatments, sometimes muscle surgery or tear duct probing may be necessary.

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